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An Article about SK IT Centre on BACCO's Yearly Magazine!

SK IT CENTRE was established back in 2018, when the founder Mr. Shamim Sarker started work alone by himself with the work from home services for an American client. The journey of him entering into the outsourcing industry is to be esteemed as the success of this idea now becomes conquered by obstructing in layers of struggles. Began an international business at the mere age of 22. As a young entrepreneur he faced many obstacles due to lack of advice, proper guidance and lacked the facilities of an international payment system, which has yet not developed then in our country. However his hard work attempts allowed him to achieve & build a strong team.
he In 2018 when the company’s revenue started surpassing more than 1 crore taka per annum, planned to expand and hire more employees in the team. SK IT CENTRE stands with two categorized business in their business model one they operate business with B2B clients and other they have clients operate business B2C. The B2B venture started in New York in the USA by acquiring a small company whose plan is to build working coverage as an agent for national companies which provide work at multiple states in USA. SK IT CENTRE works with multiple numbers of clients in the USA and provides back office support, data entry, invoicing, payroll services which are categorized as a B2C business process. 


Shamim Sarker

CEO - SK IT Centre


Mainly they work with real estate home owners, investors, bank agents, realtors, professionals or specialists in the USA market. 

We deeply believe that the size of this business sector have the greatest potential in growth quickly and safely by investment in the real-estate sector in the USA rather than focusing on other sectors as the real estate market size was estimated at USD 3.69 trillion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 3.81 trillion in 2022. 

Working as an agent or middle man with lot of vendors and clients could be recognized as fin tech services as because the companies its only responsible for receiving funds from their respected clients and having accessible for payment of their vendors to serve the tasks or delivering supplies on time. Taking a percentage from portion of payments has stood the business now in a good position as because of clients and vendors are being involved more in their platform where they getting easy to connect and reducing time, operation cost for both parties rather they had to go in manually for book keeping or tracking their payments. We have establish a designed cloud base software to integrate regular
accounting and book keeping for clients and vendors weekly, monthly invoices which is a very efficient platform to track or claim their payment on time. Although we are a Bangladeshi company but working in the USA market we have been able to promote our brand value over there. We feel it thrilled in mind because it representing our country to the most developed country USA when you are working from here leading the people whose are living there. It really brings us in respect as well as remittance for the country. Our vision for 2025 we will be a team of 100+ employees in BD and create work opportunities around 1000+ vendors in USA